I started my shop after I had my first baby girl(my little inspiration). As any momma out there can relate as soon as you hold that precious gift in your hands you are ready to give them the world.
My husband and I are both tall so our little one came out long and skinny and it was literally impossible to find her clothes that either weren't too wide or too long. Stuff that I did find I didn't really consider the most comfortable for babies.I have always loved crafts and making things. I think we all want to have that one of a kind item. So I decided to remember everything I learned in school about sewing a give it a try. My clothes got better and better with every item I made, People on the streets and IG would ask me where I got her clothes and tell me that they wanted them too.
So I decided to start my own little shop and see how it goes. Hope you love my items and dont hesitate to ask any questions!

Have a wonderful day!

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